Lighting Decisions And Orangery Project Update

We have been putting off the decision as to what lighting we want in the new orangery. We have been passing ideas around for a while. Do we have a drop light from the middle of the Orangery roof? If we were to do that it would have to be something rather grand so as not to get lost in the size of the orangery roof.

Do we want track lighting with spots around the edge of the orangery roof? would this spoil the lines of the ceiling?

Do we want recessed spotlights around the edge and adjustable recessed spots in the up stands into the orangery window?


How many lights do we want, it is a big area, a room of over 5.5mx5.5m. During the daytime the Orangery roof will provide a great deal of light into the room, but at night we will want lights on.

We will also want to be able to control the lighting to set the mood. While cooking I will want good light, but while we are eating or relaxing we will want the lights down lower.

It has also come to mind that as we have virtually the whole of the back wall in glass as Bi-fold doors, and out seating area will be in front of those doors, it maybe nice to be able to lookout onto the garden so we will need to address the lighting in the garden. We do plan to create a patio area outside the bi-fold doors eventually, so this area could have small patio lights, but it may be nice to get some lighting down at the bottom of the garden.

I think the way we will go for the inside is to have fixed recessed spotlights around the edge and adjustable recessed spotlights in the up stand into the Orangery roof.

I have bought some samples from Screwfix to see which we like. Hopefully they will be here tomorrow and at least one of the samples will suit.

We do have a delay in the project, the fitting Orangery roof was supposed to be starting today, but it has been delayed until Monday. Although this delay does not sound too bad, it does cause quite significant knock on issues to the schedule. I wanted to get my Dad (Cornerstone Services) down to do the first fix electrics Wednesday to Friday next week, however, if there is no roof and the new extension is not water tight we can not start with electrics. Even with the roof on and semi water tight witht he bi-fold doors still to be done we cant start electrics as we have a tempoary wall in the middle of the room.

The problem with all this is he is unavailable for electrics the week after so I need to try and re-jig the plan so that we do not loose this time from the project, it will be difficult as the roof, doors and electrics are all on the critical path, and as explained above the electrics are dependent on finishing the roof and doors.

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