Build My Page Rank Review

I have been using Build My Page Rank for three months now, I did not want to post this review any earlier as I wanted to reserve judgment as to how it works and its effectiveness, but having used it for some time on several of my sites I can now give you a review that is actually based on fact rather than first impressions.

I will start by saying that I will not be revealing any of the sites that I have used the  Build My Page Rank service on. I have not used it on any of my main sites (this or my company site), but I have used it on a variety of different Affiliate sites and blogs. I have tried to use it on a variety of sites, both new and old, content sites, datafeed driven sites and sites both with and without any page rank so that I can really see its effect.

What is Build My Page Rank and how does it work?

 Build My Page Rank is a service that effectively allows you to guest blog on any of their 1500 blogs that are page rank 0 to page rank 6. They allow you to add one do-follow link for every 150 words that you write. When you setup your site on their system, they ask you to select the category that best suits your site, Food, Technology etc. and then the posts that you write are placed randomly on one of the sites that  Build My Page Rank operate that match the category you have chosen for your site, giving those links greater authority than if they were on unrelated random sites.

Are the links detectable?

One great concern that I had was that the links created were not detectable as being paid links. We all know Google’s (and others) view of paid links and as such if the links created can be tied back to  Build My Page Rank then those links would be worthless to me.

I have monitored over 1000 links build using the  Build My Page Rank System, they are on a variety of different sites and I can see no way that those blogs could be tied back to  Build My Page Rank, the links are normal links, the blogs are straight forward blogs you would see anywhere else on the web and the domains are owned by a variety of different people.

I did a great deal of research before I signed up for their service and I never found anyone that claimed that the links could be tied back to a paid link building service. It is also my opinion after analysing the links I have create with the service that they are indeed undetectable.

How do you use Build my Page Rank?

Simple, just add your site and write content, including a link on yor chosen keyword or phrase. They provide tools to monitor the anchor text you are using so that you can both build around one phrase and vary your link building.

How Much Does it Cost?

Build my Page rank offer a 10 link free trial, which is well worth signing up for, just to try the service with no obligation to carry it on.

The cost of the actual service depends on how many sites or projects you want to work on at the same time:

Up to 5 domains – $59/month
Up to 10 domains – $79/month
Up to 20 domains – $99/month
Up to 50 domains – $159/month
Up to 100 domains – $275/month
Up to 150 domains – $360/month
Up to 200 domains – $400/month

Paid Writing Service

 Build My Page Rank also offer a paid writing service, for $2.50 you can have someone write your 150 word articles and include one of your links, you can elect to approve all articles before they are published, but this effectively means that you can get links for just $2.50, a bargain in anyone’s book!

My Opinion – Does Build my Page Rank Work?


All the sites I have used the service on have improved in their page rank, many are now ranking in the top results on page 1 for searches on their keywords. The page rank of 75% of the sites I have used it on has improved by at least one point, many have increased by 2, and some by 3.

A great result in just 3 months of work.

I would recommend anyone who is wanting to build links for a web project to use  Build My Page Rank.



Datafeed Import Plugin For WordPress Version 3.01 Released

I have today released a new version of my Datafeed Import Pluign for WordPress, this version includes some bug fixes along with some minor features that have been developed for users who have specific requirements. These features maybe useful to others so I have included them within the plugin.

More details about the new version can be found on the plugins website ‘Datafeed Import Plugin for WordPress


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Datafeed Import Plugin For Drop Shippers

Until recently I have been mainly working with Affiliate Marketers while developing the Datafeed Import Plugin for WordPress, however, it is clear that the needs and requirements of affiliate marketers are reflected by the needs and requirements of those involved in Drop Shipping.

I have established that the Datafeed Import Plugin for WordPress will work equally as well for Drop Shippers as it does for Affiliate Marketers.

Many Drop Shipping companies or networks provide Datafeeds in a similar way to affiliate networks. These datafeeds are in CSV, XML and RSS formats just like those that the datafeed plugin is designed to work with.

If you are a drop ship marketer, please do get in touch, we will give you a free copy of the plugin if you are willing to trial it in the drop ship environment.

It seems to me that Drop Shippers face the same task as affiliate marketers with a slightly differing end result. You need to create a website rapidly, without fuss and without having to code a website from scratch. In this way the WordPress platform is the most logical system to use. It allows you to quickly setup a fully functioning site, change how it looks and works and extend its functionality with plugins.

The Datafeed Import Plugin will then allow you to rapidly populate that WordPress site with data from your Drop Ship datafeed as long as that datafeed is in a well formed format (XML, CSV, Pipe, RSS).

This cuts down the time spent developing a site and frees up your time to market and sell your products and earn your commissions for your drop shipping.


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A Big Thanks For All Who Bought My Software

I just thought that I would post a little note to say thank you to everyone who bought a copy of any of my WordPress plugins yesterday 21st September 2011, it was a record day for sales, I hope that you all find the software useful and are able to make some great affiliate websites using it.

I am working hard to get a user forum sorted out, however, I want to make sure that it does not go the way of the last forum I setup that was overwhelmed with SPAM. I am working on making the new Forum User Only, it will use the username and password you already have to download updates to the WordPress plugins.  This way I will turn off all user registration to the forum so the only people who can access it are those who are existing users of the software.

I hope that this forum will provide you with an area where you can discuss best practices, help each other out, talk about your projects and create a steer to where you want me to develop the plugin in the future.

A Big thanks to all my customers, especially those from yesterday who made it a record day!


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Captcha Added To Digitalquill Support System

I have today managed to add a CAPTCHA image to the Digitalquill Support Ticket system. Over the last month or so I have been struggling with SPAM messages on that ticket system meaning that it has been impossible for me to find genuine support tickets.

I have lost count of how many SPAM messages I have deleted manually, but today following this fix, I have deleted 467,893 support tickets from the support systems database, this unfortunately means that some genuine tickets have been lost, however, with such a volume of SPAM I have had little option.

If you have an outstanding ticket for any of my Digitalquill products please raise another one on the support system and I will do my best to help.


Timthumb Vulnerability Check

There has been a great deal of press and concern in the WordPress community about a Vulnerability found in the TimThumb script whcih is used in many WordPress Themes. The script it’s self is not an issue but without being updated it does leave a cache directory open for people to exploit.

The fact that this vulnerability has been found is old news and the TimThumb script has been updated by its developers, however, some theme developers have yet to update their themes with the new more secure version of TimThumb.

If you are running a WordPress website make sure you install Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner a plugin that will look at your theme Directory and tell you if you are using the TimThumb script and if it needs updating it gives you the option to do so without any messing about with checking code or uploading new files.

I also Use WordPress Firewall and I have recently noticed heavy attacks looking for specific themes and the TimThumb script, so there are hackers that are trying to exploit this vunerability.

This plugin is a must… and while you are at it make sure you install WordPress Firewall 2 and Login Lockdown plugins, it is worth 5 minutes of your time.

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